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Deva blinds Ellesmere Port supply the best roller and vertical blinds in the UK as voted by British Independent Retailers Association


Deva blinds Ellesmere Port blinds – A true local independent business that will give you the service you want. No gimmick 50% off sales. My name is Paul and I run an old fashioned type of company when it comes to customer care. If  I am able to do it, I will ! I run a small company but I have the back up from the largest quality blind manufacturer in the world.

Being an independent company Deva blinds Ellesmere Port blinds are not restricted to one manufacturer, we are not a franchise. We can show you many things not offered by national companies. We offer both households and businesses a non obligation visit, free measuring and free fitting for made to measure blinds. You will deal with the business owner, someone that cares about you. A local business in Ellesmere Port, for the people in Ellesmere Port and the surrounding area. No gimmicks with 50% off sales all the time, just quality blinds at a sensible price. If you are moving to a new house or are in desperate need of blinds, we offer a Fast Track service. For many ranges we are able to fit your blinds within 48 hours of your order. Deva blinds Ellesmere Port blinds carry two ranges in all our blinds, quality blinds at a sensible price and a budget range, so all pockets can be catered for. We also carry with us Temporary blinds that we can fit for you when we see you. There are white blinds for living areas and blackout blinds for bedrooms. Perfect if you have just moved and need some window blinds while you wait for your new blinds to be fitted.

1. Either call 0151 374 2065 to book an appointment or book online by clicking here. I can usually see you the next day, including Saturday and Sunday, so please just choose the time slot that suits you. I know how busy you are these days. So as to not keep you waiting for me, please leave your mobile number and I will be happy to give you a call 30 minutes prior to my arrival. Please download a brochure here and look at this website for ideas.

2. When I visit I will be able to discuss with you what you want and then give you advise as to the what we can offer. I will bring our extensive sample books for you to look at. I have lots of experience with blinds of all types and I can help you get the look you are after. I will measure your windows and advise you what the different options are available for you.

3. Deva blinds Ellesmere Port blinds offer a non obligation quote, but if you are happy and want to order your blinds, I can take the order with you there and then. I will take a deposit and arrange a fitting time with you. I usually fit 14 days after the order, but some products may require a longer lead time. If you are in a hurry for your blinds, I might be able to fast track your order and fit them within 48 hours of your order.

4. I will turn up as arranged to fit your blinds. Fitting does not take long and I leave with no mess. I carry dust sheets and dusters! I will collect the final balance once I have finished. From start to finish Deva blinds Ellesmere Port blinds will keep you happy.


We supply the best blinds in the UK – BIRA think so also.


We are very pleased to let you know that our supplier of roller and vertical blinds has been awarded the British Independent Retailers Associations best roller and vertical collection for 2011. Deva blinds Ellesmere Port blinds are an independent company that have no ties with a national company or are tied into a franchise. We are able to buy our blinds and shutters from any company and we are really pleased that our supplier of roller, vertical and most of our venetain blinds have been awarded this prestigious award.
Paul Pollard-Fraser of Deva blinds Ellesmere Port blinds said I am very pleased for Amo blinds, their new collection of roller and vertical blinds have been a real hit with our customers. They have put a lot of effort in their new book, it is certainly the most modern and prestigious book I have ever seen. When we go into peoples houses and to local businesses our main point of sale is our sample book. People are impressed with the quality and style of the new books. We at Deva blinds Ellesmere Port blinds like to offer our customers quality blinds at a sensible price and with these new books we feel very confident that we can show our customers what we can offer
It is great that we can now say that we supply the best roller and vertical blind collection as awarded by BIRA. As a business owner, I can choose who I buy our blinds from. I am in constant touch with the market and like to work with the manufacturer that will give my customer the best product and service says Pollard-Fraser.
Amo - HRDA award 2011 - Deva blinds Chester


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Child safety blinds


Every year a least one child in UK gets strangled by the trailing cords from window blinds. In 2010 unfortunately two toddlers were killed in two separate incidents. On 8th February Lillian Bagnall-Lambe from Stafford died at the age of only 16 months after she became entangled in the blinds at her house. Only four days previous to this another toddler, Harrison Joyce from Litchfield, three, died at his home the same way. The County Coroner and Staffordshire Police warned parents about the potential danger of the cords from window blinds.

Det Insp.Vicky Roberts said “Heart breaking accidents like these, make people aware of the dangers that exist in our houses.”

“It is extremely important that parents look around there homes for dangers that could effect their children.”

Harrison’s Law

Harrison’s father, Scott Joyce, 38, has set up a registered charity, Harrison’s Law. In the memory of his son he is campaigning for the banning of looped cords in the UK and making people aware of the dangers of looped cords.

Astonishingly, according to Harrisons Law’s website, 359 children died in USA between 1985 and 1995. This has lead to the banning of looped cords and they haven’t been manufactured for nearly 15 years now.

The blind industry is very mature in UK and there are millions of blinds in peoples homes.

Paul Pollard-Fraser of Deva blinds Ellesmere Port blinds said “I am aware that at least one child dies every year in UK by getting caught up in the loop cords and I am always conscious that I don’t want it to be mine this year.”

“The manufactures all include warning labels, but I think it is the installers responsibility to ensure that young children are not put at risk”

“At Deva blinds Ellesmere Port blinds we always ask if young children visit or live in the house. If so I can adjust most blinds to make sure that the cords are high up and away from youngsters. For vertical blinds I have an option to use a child safe wand. You move this to draw that blind and turn it to open and close them. There are no looped cords here at all.”

“There are many options to make blinds safe for young children. Parents must take responsibility also and make sure that the cords are kept out of the way, maybe by using a hook to hook the cords up high out of reach”

“There is no regulations as to the type of cords that we can or can’t use. I think most of the blind fitters are professional tradesmen and take into account young children when they fit blinds”

In 2008 in Scotland, Sheriff David Mackie called for a ban on looped blind cords. This followed the death of Muireann McLaughlin. The two year old girl died after slipping of a play box while waving goodbye to her grandmother. She got entangled in the blind and was found by her Father lifeless.

Sheriff David Mackie produced his findings and with consultation with the industries trade association recommended that blinds with looped cords should be banned. Since then in 2009, Gethin Ifor Jones died aged 23 months and in 2010 there were 2 deaths in Staffordshire.

How many infants will die this year ?

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Vertical or Horizontal blind?


We try to help you decide what type of blind is best for your windows. Deva Blinds Ellesmere Port blinds have years of experience advising and suggesting solutions to people in and around the Ellesmere Port area. Being a different type of company, Deva blinds Ellesmere Port blinds takes time to go through the different options available and what is achievable with different blinds. Vertical or horizontal. That is the question we get asked time after time for our customers. When we talk about Vertical blinds, we have come a long way from the old office style blinds seen in many a 1960’s style office. Gone are the rough, dust collecting fabrics only available in the most drab colours. Today’s Vertical blinds are thinner and the fabrics are smother than their predecessors. Although the traditional cream and white blinds are available, either in a plain fabric or various subtle patterns. We also offer very vivid and bold blinds, such as lime, Cranberry, Peach and Purple rain as an example. In our sample books, Deva blinds Ellesmere Port blinds carry nearly 300 different fabrics for you to choose from. Deva blinds Ellesmere Port blinds also offer a mix and match service, where you can have alternating louvres from say a patterned louvre to an unpatterned louvre of the same colour, a very fetching design. So no more thinking that today’s Vertical blinds will make your home look like an office.
When we come to horizontal blinds there are a lot of different types of blinds to consider. We start with the humble Roller blind. In its basic form this blind is the simplest form of window covering and will give you privacy, protection from UV rays to prevent your furnishings discolouring, thermal benefits to help you keep your room warm in the winter and cool in the summer and security against burglary. You get quite a lot from such a basic blind. Deva blinds Ellesmere Port blinds offer over 350 different fabrics to choose from here, again from the plain and simple to the most bold, vivid and modern fabric which would look well suited to today’s modern apartments that are springing up. Your Roller blind can be customised with shapes, Cafe Rods, Pulls, Clip Rings, Wooden bottom bars and various types of braiding. Again you can have simple and plain blinds, subtle blinds with a hint of colour or you can make you blind a feature and let it stick out, the choice is all yours. We also offer blackout roller blinds which are perfect for your bedroom and a good nights sleep.
Deva Blinds Ellesmere Port blinds also carry a large range of Venetian blinds, either in aluminium or wood. Wooden blinds are very popular today and feel at home in modern and traditional houses. There are two ranges, iWood Blinds that are made of natural wood and Finewood Blinds that are a composite blind that are manufactured using recycled wood fibre that is laminated and compressed together. The benefit to this is that wood by its natural product varies in colour, absorbs moisture and can warp. Finewood blinds are the only blinds that have no shading or discolouration and no warping. All wooden blinds come with a wooden matching pelmet and corded raise and lower controls and tilt controls. Woven ladder tapes can be used to finish off you blind to perfection. When you come to aluminium Venetian blinds forget about the blinds that your Grandparents had, white and bulky dust collectors. These blinds start with the sleek 16mm version. These blinds a re so fine that they appear invisible when open. The next size is 25mm and this is the most popular these days. Again around 300 colours to choose from and no it doesn’t have to be white! Deva blinds Ellesmere Port blinds also offer 35mm and 50mm blinds which can be used when lighting levels are of a concern, the larger the slat, the more light it will let into a room. So lot’s of options to choose from here.
Another option for a horizontal blind is a Roman blind. These are the creme de la creme of blinds. Made with stunning fabrics, these elegant blinds will finish off your windows with great style. All these blinds come fully lined and can incorporate a blackout lining for bedrooms. From the outside all you see is the white lining, so no problems with different fabrics in different rooms. These blinds are supplied with an aluminium head rail and the fabric is Velcroed to it, enabling you to remove the fabric and have it dry cleaned as necessary.

So what is the best type of blind for my particular window ? This is usually solved by the size of your window or more importantly the height and width of your window. If your window is higher than it is wide horizontal blinds usually look better and if your window is wider than its height a Vertical blind is the recommendation. At the end of the day though, you want a quality blind that you will enjoy for a long time.

Happy blind choosing.


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Deva blinds Ellesmere Port blinds

deva blinds Ellesmere Port blinds

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