Wooden blinds

Dear Heloise: I have wooden-slat blinds. I have tried oil soap and baby wipes, but I cannot get them clean. Can you please help? — Marie M., via fax

Help is here. Cleaning wooden blinds shouldn’t be hard! Baby wipes are OK, but may leave a residue. The oil “soap” is what I use, and it’s never failed me.

Are they just dusty? Coated with a gummy sort of residue? Are they painted, or raw wood? Painted should be a zip to clean. If they are unpainted wood, try this: Use a microfiber cloth dipped into just warm water. Wring it out, and run it over one slat. Go both ways, back and forth. If you see “dirt” on the cloth, then proceed.

If it’s that sticky stuff, then go back to the wood soap. Don’t overwet, and be sure to rinse off, then dry well. Test one-half of a blind and see which method works best for you! — Heloise

P.S.: Use the upholstery attachment with the brush to “suck” dust off the blinds!

Deva blinds are on the move again.

Deva blinds Ltd have just signed a contract to move to bigger premises for our production unit.

Paul Pollard-Fraser, MD of Deva blinds Ltd said “With our ever expanding manufacturing we have need for a bigger unit.  We are about to start manufacturing roller blinds and need an area 3m x 3m for the cutting table.  That is why I have taken a 1,000 square foot unit, which will hopefully see us OK for a few years.”

“Based in the Chester West Employment Park but ironically just within the Welsh border, so we will pay our rates to Flintshire County Council.”

“We will soon be employing more staff and I think our unit on the Chester West Employment Park is ideally situated for staff to get to us easily.”


Our new address is:

Deva blinds Ltd

Unit 65 Evans Business Centre

Minerva Avenue,

Chester West Employment Park



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